Preventative Services Covered

Preventative Services Covered Under the Affordable Care Act

List of Preventative Services Covered

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check up picYEARLY PHYSICALS just make sense….

Routine checkups can pick up early signs of disease and get you on a health and wellness plan that could save your life. Being an advocate for your own health can prevent individuals from unnecessarily suffering from a heart attack, stroke, or cancer (or other life threatening diseases).

Your annual “wellness visit” (also called a “routine physical”) is an important way to check in on your health, and includes tests like cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Your annual “wellness visit” has no co-pay it’s free!so there are no excusesfor not making an appointment. If you have not had an annual wellness physical in the last 11-12 months, call your physician and make an appointment for your annual wellness check-up today!  Be sure to specify that you are scheduling an “annual wellness visit”. If your doctor orders tests for you prior to or at the time of the wellness visit, there will be no cost-share required of you if all the tests are on the list of Preventive Services covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If some of the tests are not on that list, the cost of the test(s) will be charged towards your annual deductible until your deductible has been met. You can find the ACA list of covered tests for adults and for children above – click on  List of Preventive Services Covered”.


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