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FH Summaries of Benefits & Coverage (SBC’s)
(as required by the Affordable Care Act)

Effective June 1, 2018
FH Direct Care Benchmark SBC
FH Select Care Benchmark SBC

NEW! HSA Qualified Health Plans for June 1, 2018
FH Direct Care HSA Qualified Plan
FH Select Care HSA Qualified Plan

FH Benefit Summaries
FH Direct Care
FH Select Care

FH Senior Plan Benefit Summary
FH Senior Plan
FH Senior Plan Highlights
FH Find a Doctor
FH Senior Plan Rx On-line Formulary click on Fallon Senior Plan Premier HMO in the dropdown menu

Other Information:
CVS Prescription Mail Order Form
CVS Extra Care Card – Rx Savings
Wellness is Free – Preventative Services
Naturally Well
How Your Deductible Plan Works
FH Fitness Reimbursement – It Fits

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