Advantages of Joint Purchasing through MNHG

► Gives small and mid-size governmental employers the health benefits purchasing advantages of a large employer:

• volume pricing reduces cost margins and administrative expenses,
• large risk pool enhances rate stability and predictability,
• employees and retirees can choose from among multiple health plan options
• high service level from health plans

► Decisions are made by the members of the Joint Purchase Group
• each MNHG participating governmental unit gets a voice and a vote on decisions about health benefits,

► Administrative Ease
•Central benefits administrator, GBS, reduces administration burden for participating employers,
• Participating employers deal with GBS for all transactions and questions for all health plans,
• Employers receive one consolidated monthly bill for multiple health plans and carriers and make one monthly payment to the MNHG,
• COBRA administration provided by GBS

► MNHG structure and meetings encourage idea exchange/problem solving and increase opportunities for innovation

Health Plan Comparison Charts & Rates

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